Bird Control Perth

Bird Control in Perth: Effective Management for a Safer Environment

Birds can pose a significant challenge when it comes to property management in Perth. These feathered creatures have a knack for nesting or roosting in buildings and roofing, causing numerous issues. From turning an aesthetically pleasing structure into an eyesore with their unsightly droppings to the potential transmission of diseases, it is clear why effective bird control in Perth is of utmost importance. When addressing bird management in Perth homes, deterrence methods are generally preferred over outright removal. Luckily, there is a wide array of proven options available to effectively manage bird populations in the area.

Some popular techniques for bird control in Perth

  1. Netting: Deploying specially designed nets can effectively block birds from entering and roosting in specific areas of a building or structure.
  2. Spikes: Strategically placed spikes make it difficult for birds to perch or nest, effectively discouraging their presence.
  3. Bird Slide: A specialized device that creates an angled surface, preventing birds from landing and roosting.
  4. Bird Shock: These electric deterrent systems emit low-level shocks that safely deter birds from perching or roosting on surfaces.
  5. Bird Wire: Taut wires installed at specific intervals discourage birds from landing and create an unattractive environment for roosting.
  6. Hot Silicone: This innovative solution involves applying a specialized silicone compound that emits a gentle heat, deterring birds from landing.
  7. Sonic Countermeasures: Sonic devices emit sounds that are unpleasant to birds, effectively deterring them from specific areas.

At TMO pest control Perth, we understand the unique challenges posed by bird infestations and have a dedicated team of trained professionals ready to assess and address your bird control needs in Perth.

With our extensive experience in a variety of proofing scenarios, we can provide you with multiple alternative options tailored to your specific requirements.

Pigeon Control Perth

One particular species that often causes issues in Perth is the pigeon. These birds have an average lifespan of 3 to 4 years in the wild and are capable of producing 4 to 8 offspring each year per female. Pigeons tend to remain in close proximity to their birthplace throughout their lives, exacerbating the challenges they pose.

Besides their nuisance factor, pigeons can attract ticks, mites, cockroaches, and rats, creating additional health and hygiene risks. Moreover, their presence can lead to structural damage to buildings.

Cleaning pigeon faeces without proper respiratory protection has even resulted in fatalities, highlighting the potential health hazards they pose. Additionally, there is a public liability risk associated with slip-and-fall accidents caused by pigeon faeces.

By implementing effective bird control measures in Perth, you can ensure the safety, cleanliness, and aesthetics of your property while mitigating the risks associated with bird infestations.

Contact TMO pest control Perth today for a comprehensive assessment of your bird-related problems and let our experts provide you with reliable solutions tailored to your needs. We provide the following additional services: Wasp & bee removal Perth, Weed control Perth & Rat control Perth.

Bird Control Perth
Bird Control Perth